If you have to choose 5 things…

In world taken over by online dating and Tinder app’s getting to know someone sometimes revolves around their “About Me” profile. And as sad as that is – it did spark an interesting idea; in a world where you can pass or like in 10 seconds or less, if you had to choose 5 things to tell someone about yourself what 5 things would that be?   Things to really portray a sense of who you are in essentially 5 sentences.

I have mulled over this for a few weeks, you want to make sure it is nothing completely controversial, however sometimes things that are the most important to you are the things that can be the most controversial.  In a day of  140 characters or less how would you describe yourself; what 5 things would you tweet to represent yourself?

So 5 things, in 140 characters or less – to describe me would have to be:

1.  I am an avid runner, I love to be outdoors getting a good run and taking that me time away from the rest of the world

2. I am obsessed with cats, call me a cat lady, but I love those furry little creatures so much. Especially my demon, diva, Dinah. Get over it.

3. I am very close with my family and that is very important to me, how you treat your family is a true reflection of how you treat others

4. I am gluten free, I actually have grown to enjoy it because I have learned to more appreciate good food.

5.  I am very observant, I love to people watch, I am constantly looking around me and taking everything in.

I think to me personally those 5 things are the most important for someone to know about me right off the bat, because if you are lazy, are allergic, to cats, love beer more than life itself, and are completely oblivious then those 5 facts right there would tell you from the get go this was not a match made in speed dating heaven. Although to meet someone as polar opposite as that would be very interesting, with my luck it would probably be the more attractive one of out the bunch.

Well that is just a little food for thought about a word of LIKES and PASSES, and dating app’s what would you tell someone in 140 characters or less to give them a pretty good representation of yourself? It’s weird to think about but also interesting to establish what those core things are for you.

As my wine gave me the knowledge last night, “The naked Truth #32 knowing yourself helps you understand and appreciate others. #thenakedgrape#wineknowledge”

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.48.48 AM


In honor of my Birthday… and entering my mid-20’s…

I figured, why not attempt to embrace it and soak up every minute of this very chaotic period of every person’s life. That stage where you don’t quite have it together yet, you have an idea of how to get there, but the entire act is still being played out. So we enter the world of our mid-twenties, and turning 24 defines me as such. So why not make sure and live it up, in honor of my birthday and things needing to be done, things already accomplished, and things that just make life worth living:


25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25: (list courtesy and inspiration of, Stephanie Georgopulos’, article)

1.  “Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment.”

As weird as it may sound, become friends with your parents, really get to know them; in a way stop thinking of them as parents and more like cohorts. You are far more alike than you know, and my getting to them better you may be surprised and learn a little more about yourself.

2. “Kiss someone you think is out of your league; kiss models and med students and entrepreneurs with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry about if they’re going to call you afterward.”

I am not so sure how much I want to go running about kissing random men, I understand the point; get out and live don’t sit there and wish you were doing something with someone somewhere, just do it or I’m sure you will regret it, learn to live in the now.

3. “Minimize your passivity.” stand up for what you believe in, if you feel as though something should be changed for the better don’t just stand by the wayside waiting for someone else to take the spotlight; get the ball rolling!

4. “Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day.”

This is such a true thing, working as a customer service representative now as a full time job, it really makes me appreciate such great service in return; it also makes me very frustrated when other companies (such as apartment complexes that are supposed to make their tenants feel at home but in reality the staff is so very rude you could never think of that way) do not reciprocate the same level of customer service that I provide at my job every single day.

5. ” Recognize freedom as a 5:30 a.m. trip to the diner with a bunch of strangers you’ve just met.”

Although I may not have many opportunities to be out and about at 5:30 am, its really about embracing the moment and appreciating the time you have to be free. Soon enough there will be a family and kids in the equation and those little moments of freedom will be fewer and farer between.


6. ” Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together.”

Enough said, you have to work to get to where you want to be. Sure you may not have your dream job right out of the gates, but the majority of people don’t. You work hard, you figure out what you like, what you hate, and you grow and build from there. Embrace the grind because later on it will pay off.

7. “If you’re employed in any capacity, open a savings account. You never know when you might be unemployed or in desperate need of getting away for a few days. Even $10 a week is $520 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise.”

Save, save, save. Spend a little, indulge to keep yourself sane but always be thinking of the future, and that last minute car repair that could make or break rent that month.

8. ” Make a habit of going outside, enjoying the light, relearning your friends, forgetting the internet.”

This is something we all need to remember, all the time. We need to remember how to interact without checking Instagram every 5 seconds. I am one of the worst, I am so addicted to my phone it is not even funny. Long runs when it is me the road and my music make me really remember how refreshing it can be to just take a break from technology.

9. “Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender.” Just do it. Do you need a reason? I think not.

10. “Start a relationship with your crush by telling them that you want them. Directly. Like, look them in the face and say it to them. Say, I want you. I want to be with you.”

As terrifying as this may be, it could also be the leap of faith you are looking for. And hey what do you have to lose? If anything they may just reciprocate the same.

11. “Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun.”

It is one of the hardest things for me to do, is say no. However with time, to be happy, sometimes you just have to say NO because that is what is best for you. Say no the relationship that is going nowhere, say no to the people who cause you to be unhappy, and get out there and be with who makes you the best version of you.

12. “Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be.”

Flashback Friday’s are not a bad thing, don’t get stuck in the past wishing you were there because it will never be that way again, but always thing back and visit those times that built you into the person you are today.

13. “Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.”

Find something that you look forward to doing when you are home alone with nothing to do, run, sew, paint, do yoga; whatever gets you in that state of true bliss.

14. “Think you know yourself until you meet someone better than you.”

Always be content with yourself, honor your flaws and realize they are something you have to live with. However that does not mean that others can not inspire to live up to your full potentially just a little bit more. Anyone who can influence anyone to be a better person, that is never a bad thing.

15. “Forget who you are, what your priorities are, and how a person should be.” Again playing off #14, be the change you want to see, be the person you want to encounter on the street, be the customer service representative that really makes a customer’s day. Just be the change you want to see in the world.

16. “Identify your fears and instead of letting them dictate your every move, find and talk to people who have overcome them. Don’t settle for experiencing .000002% of what the world has to offer because you’re afraid of getting on a plane.”

Figure out what makes you scared, and conquer it; don’t let fear of anything or anyone dictate how you live and plan your life.

17. “Make a habit of cleaning up and letting go. Just because it fit at one point doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever — whether ‘it’ is your favorite pair of pants or your ex.”

No need for explanations, sometimes the best of us even need to follow their own advice. Tie up loose ends and move on if it is for the better.

18. “Stop hating yourself.” How an anyone possibly love you if you don’t? Look in the mirror and see someone who deserves everything she wants and needs. Sure maybe you need to lose a few pounds but that is no reason to hate yourself, there is always something beautiful you can distinguish.

19. “Go out and watch that movie, read that book, listen to that band you already lied about watching, reading, listening to.” Catch up on those things that you have been putting by the wayside.

20. “Take advantage of health insurance while you have it.” Or be blessed to work for a company with incredible insurance

21. “Make a habit of telling people how you feel, whether it means writing a gushing fan-girl email to someone whose work you love or telling your boss why you deserve a raise.”

But take this with a grain of salt, don’t go shooting back raging e-mails in the heat of the moment, step back save a draft, and come back to that e-mail a few hours, maybe even a day later and go over that response with a more level head.

22. “Date someone who says, “I love you” first.” – essentially, date someone who gives a shit about you. Enough said.

23. “Leave the country under the premise of “finding yourself.” This will be unsuccessful. Places do not change people. Instead, do a lot of solo drinking, read a lot of books, have sex in dirty hostels, and come home when you start to miss it.”

Travel, travel, travel, it is something I already regret not being able to do enough. Study abroad, take a job over sees, do something to see the world before you are tied down

24. “Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro.” Or get a computer you are really proud of and will want to use for a long time

25. “Quit that job that’s making you miserable, end the relationship that makes you act like a lunatic, lose the friend whose sole purpose in life is making you feel like you’re perpetually on the verge of vomiting. You’re young, you’re resilient, there are other jobs and relationships and friends if you’re patient and open.”

No additional explanation needed. Do what makes you happy, drop what doesn’t enough said. Once you have hit your mid-twenties, what is the point of keeping up with the drama. Just drop the people and things that cause that strife and embrace being almost a quarter of a century old.

726a740f455edf2287f13440b59d75d3(photo Credit Levo League)

This one was a long one! I won’t be offended if you don’t read it all, These are all such things to keep in mind, especially on the eve of my birthday weekend. Hope everyone has a festive fall equinox! TTFN xox Birthday girl #GFP

Just keep running

Hello lovelies! It is the best time of the year everyone! September, the beginning of fall, and most importantly; MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Now, although I am breaching the age of mid-20’s (24 – GASP!) I feel as though I am only able to accomplish more.

With my birthday approaching, there were goals set a year ago to keep up with that I am happily still doing, running, and blogging; although I may fall off the band wagon from time to time, I have been keeping up with both of these for over a year now!

So with those goals still being accomplished (because hopefully I will keep running, and keep blogging), I should probably add a few more to the list. One that has been brewing in my brain is that I need to run my first half marathon by this time next year, so by my 25th birthday: RUN A HALF MARATHON.


So far I am up to 7 miles, but if that is how many miles I can add in a year, then my timing is pretty much perfect. Along the way I certainly want to sign up for more races in between, certainly some 10k’s and 10 milers to warm me up for the whole 13.1.

Luckily I have the time and amazing places in the area to run! Since I do live so close to Washington DC the area provides any number of awesome running trails/ areas throughout Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.

So far, I have only been able to explore a few trails in my area, but one of my favorite weekend past times is to find  a new trail or park and go for a long weekend run. Here are some of the ones I have gotten checked off my list so far!

Burke Lake park, is a great 4.5 mile trail around the lake. It is pretty flat and usually pretty crowded but it is a great loop, for a quick easy run with a gorgeous view. Another fun aspect about this park is the exercise stations throughout one half of the trail.

Great Falls park (VA Side), is SO close to my apartment, I absolutely love it, with its absolutely beautiful and interesting terrain (can be very rocky, can be very wooded depends on where you are in the park) but it is difficult to be in such a beautiful place and not love it. The park is always pretty crowded, and there is an entry fee (depending on the time of day) but if you live in the area, certainly add Great Falls to the list of fun run places!



(Great Falls, VA)


The Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD Trail for short) is a seriously bikers trail that winds all through out Loudoun and Fairfax county. WIth its many access points, and accessibility it is far more popular with bikers than your standard runner. You certainly feel as though you are vying for your space on the road against the bikers. However it is relatively flat, and great to really work out some distance. The only downfalls are that it is only shaded in the morning (that is some HOT pavement) and it is just straight, it goes on forever and ever so eventually you have to just turn around and do it all again. (me personally I love a long loop if at all possible)

And most recently I have tried out a great trail right across the water from the city with incredible views! The Mount Vernon trail runs right along the Potomac and gives you an awesome view of the monuments right across the way! The trail is nice because you have the option to run in VA or into DC, you can also go explore as a detour on Theodore Roosevelt Island. However the day I went, was incredibly hot and almost unbearable but the view was so gorgeous, I will have to go back many more times to explore!

IMG_4989(Potomac River, smack dab inbetween VA & DC)


Well little gluten free foodies, runners, prepsters, and cat lady’s that is all I have for today. Much more gluten free goodies and birthday month fun to come!



Make mine Virginia Wine!

I am lucky to be located in a state that really offers everything, Virginia has beaches, mountains, farmland, and city you really do have everything. Something else that we have a lot of are vineyards and wineries.  I LOVE wine, my roommate and I are probably addicted to the cheap-o, but pretty good wine from Trader Joe’s.  However, one of my favorite weekend past times is to traps all over this beautiful state to wine taste my way around Virginia.  Please make mine Virginia Wine!

Since last fall I have really been racking up the wine glasses from the different vineyards I have done tastings at. But this summer I have gone on a few great wine tasting weekends! I am no wine expert but I love to drink wine, try wine, and hang out at vineyards, I mean who doesn’t?  I am here to tell you a little about a few of my favorites over the past few months.

We have certainly been blessed to have so many vineyards in the DC/Metro area and thus far I have not really tasted a wine I hated, so that is always a plus!

For my roommates birthday back in May we went to two Wineries in Leesburg, VA. Lost Creek Winery and Hidden Brooke Winery, both were gorgeous and delicious!


Hidden Brooke Winery (above) sitting here on this front porch was such a pretty view!


Lost Creek Vineyard and Winery (above) the terrace outside was precious and their staff was incredible!

A little later in the summer a few friends and I went on a quick adventure to Bull Run Winery out in Manassas, this is a newer Winery but it has really made a name for itself quick! It has amazing wine, especially the blueberry wine, and the atmosphere was fun and intended for you to hang out, and enjoy some wine with friends. Some nights they have live music! This was my second trip to Bull Run and I know I will be back again.

A weekend a little later in my roommate and I went on an adventure out to Delaplane, VA for the annual Strawberry Festival out there and decided wine tasting needed to follow. We headed out to a Vineyard I had heard all about, and nothing but good things, Naked Mountain Vineyard, it was GORGEOUS, set up in the mountain hillsides with scattering of chairs ready for you to take in the view and enjoy some incredible wine, DRINK NAKED!


Then most recently, last weekend, I went with a few pledge sisters on another wine tasting adventure, hitting 3 vineyards in one lovely afternoon!

We started off back in Delaplane VA at another renowned Winery called Barrel Oak Winery, again an extremely fun atmosphere, but this time almost centered around dogs! They love their dogs here and that was evident, although I am primarily a cat lover, I do love all animals and dogs are super cute! This place was fun and partially family oriented.


Then we headed out to Amissville , VA to Grey Ghost Vineyards, although it was a little more mellow, the wine was delicious and I brought home a delicious chardonnay. The view was gorgeous!


And last but certainly not least we headed to Granite Heights Winery, which used to be one of my pledge sisters family’s farm. She grew up there and now it has been converted into a winery! It was very quaint, and the wine was delicious! The old house was gorgeous and the farm as a whole was just a beautiful site to see. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy great wine, while taking in some real life history from someone who had grown up there. And as a bonus, I scored the most INCREDIBLE blueberry cinnamon jam, to die for!


That is a lot of vineyards, however there are a lot more to go! More updates about wine tasting adventures around VA and running trails I have been exploring! xox Glutenfreeprep #GFP

Meet the Diva.

So I am not sure if it has been proclaimed upon the blog but I am a cat lover. Not completely a crazy-cat lady, yet, but many of my friends are beginning to feel as though I may be headed down that path. I do not completely agree with them but I do love cats, sorry not sorry.  My entire life my family has had a cat, my cat growing up, Bagheera (like the Jungle Book!) was probably the most demonic creature alive, however my parents were virtually saints for keeping him and “loving” him. Needless to say, he is the only cat I have not enjoyed, but as a 10 year old, when a cat ruins your sparkly, light-up boots by peeing on them; said cat gets put into the dislike group.

However, from then on out we have always had luck with our cats, after Bagheera, my parents have had a few cats who have been wonderful! Throughout college I also, always had roommates who had cats. When I first moved off campus my roommate had 1 cat, and got another. When that roommate moved out, another moved in another cat, and another. So 2 years, 4 different cats. A lot of love and a lot of cat pictures; but never a cat of my own. And as I write this it seems more and more like a crazy cat lady but again, sorry not sorry.

So, when I moved out on my own in March I came to the realization that for the first time in my life, except the times I lived in the dorms in college, I would not have a cat, whether it be a roommate’s or my parents. And that was just completely unacceptable. So after being settled in my new place for a few weeks I set out on a mission to give a loving kitty a new home. I searched online a bit and found a cat that I thought was very precious so I attempted to set up an appointment to meet her. However this cat was at a foster home so it would be difficult to set up an appointment right away, so they had me come into their shelter (more like a cat house) and see if any of the other animals there would meet my fancy.

When I went into this house it was insane, there were cages and cats everywhere, all loving and wanting to come home to be loved by a nice family, or pair of roommates in this case. So I made my way through this maze of cages and was introduced to many different cats, males, females, short haired, long hairs, young, old, and every color you could imagine. However, one very small female caught my eye because of her petite stature and her cute little socks. Her adoptive name was “Little Princess” however, that was a bit pretentious for my liking so:

Meet Dinah (Dine-ah) – like the name of Alice’s cat in the original Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, I swear the Disney character names are a complete coincidence, I am just a sucker for Disney.


She’s a petite little thing and a diva of all divas. She loves to knock over everything and chew on everything she should not however, I love having her here, she certainly makes me smile more often than she makes me angry.  And I am so happy I rescued her from that crazy place she was living before. She’s a cuddlebug like no other and is such a chatty cathy if I have ever heard one.


Well that is all for now from your crazy cat lady in training, hope you love her as much as I do! Keep checking back for more gluten free goodies, vineyard adventures, and running trail adventures! xoxo Glutenfreeprep #GFP

One of the best events of the year! The Summer Lilly Pulitzer Sale!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, its one of the best times of years for all of us Lilly lovers out there! Last summer I am really not sure where I was or what I was pre-occupied with but I missed the sale and I was throughly depressed.  I was not going to let that happen again! So this time I was much more on my game and up and ready to shop when the sale started at 8 am!

IMG_4857But as it always happens, the Lilly site crashed! It was a tragic start to my day. I could shop but I wouldn’t be able to add to my cart. Stressful, exciting, saddening. But not to fear the day was eventually saved when I was able to shop at lunchtime. But one dress I had my eye on in the morning had already been completely snapped up before I was able to actually shop but I still scooped up a few very cute finds at an amazing deal!


I got this super cute and super versatile striped dress – the Kaleb Dress I am super excited to sport this in the fall, even with the super springy colors!

Followed by another wonderful dress just itching for spring to start again was the Darcy Dress, perfect if I am ever invited to a tea or to attend the horse races, whenever wherever!

And a very cute top that I am in need of more of, I am an avid shopper for my bottom half – I have a colored shorts and pants addiction – however I need tops to mix and match as well. This Drew top will be the perfect addition to my collection, of small but growing perfect tops for any occasion.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.10.08 PM


Now, all I have to do is wait and wait and WAIT for this wonderful order to be processed and delivered! Love love love everything that I ordered and I can not wait to wear all of it! Keep an eye out for updated on that as well as a post to come introducing a wonderful new addition to my life since I have moved out! Keep reading to find out who!

That’s all for now! Love your gluten free Lilly lover! xoxo Glutenfreeprep #GFP

Go Ape!


So back in the beginning of the summer I told my roommate that I would take her to this zip line and ropes course in our area called Go Ape! as her birthday present from me, 3 months later we finally got around to it. This place was awesome! It was exhausting, nerve racking, exhilarating, and awesome! We went to the course located in Rock Creek Park, MD. There were 6 different obstacles ranging from zip wires and Tarzan swings into rope ladders, to crawling through a wooden tunnel and walking a wire, all in the tree tops.




So you get there and you sign your life away, but that is to be expected, swing at your own risk of course. And you go into a quick preview of what you have to do to survive in the trees  taught by great instructors, and you go. You climb up, swing across, balance your way through to the final goal of zip lining through the tree tops.

I was pretty scared for the first course or two, and gained my confidence as the courses progressed. You have to make sure you are all hooked in or else falling to your doom, (I’m probably be a little dramatic but still the idea remains).  All in all it was so much fun and I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a slight fear of heights.

It definitely makes me want to get out and find more ropes courses and things of the like, it was challenging and a great form of exercise while also fueling that adrenaline thrill; Go out there and Go Ape!


TTFN! xox Gluten Free Prep (GFP)

A Plethora of Gluten Free Deliciousness!

It’s been a long time since I have done a post of my original reason for blogging, Gluten Free! It is something I have been embracing now since the Spring of 2011 so more than 2 years now!  I have experimented a lot but every so often I find a gem that absolutely must be shared! (as well we some delicious snacks I have found here lately!)

First as a delicious (BUT SPICY) snack, I thought it would be fun to try a gluten free twist on a jalapeño poppers. They turned out different but delicious! Not too many ingredients but the wraps were a little more difficult to locate.

Gluten-Free Jalapeño Poppers!

You will need:

– Jalapeños (1 per popper, so get as many as you intend to eat… I would recommend sharing they are hot, hot!)

– Cheese sticks!

– Rice paper (spring roll) wrappers (I found mine at the World Market section of Bed, Bath, & Beyond)

– canola or peanut oil

– 2 good sized sauce pans


To prep: heat canola oil in one sauce pan, and water in the other:

1. Cut the ends off, slice in half longways, and gut the jalapeños.

2. Cut a cheese stick in 1/2 and put 1/2 of it in between the pieces of a jalapeño and place them back together

3. You will need to soften the rice wrappers in the hot waters for moments to be able to wrap the popper in it. Once you have done that you wrap up the jalapeño/cheese duo and drop it in the very hot oil.

4. You will roll the popper around until crispy (chop sticks work great for this!) and let dry on a paper towel.

5. The repeat!

**for extra crispiness I wrapped and fried them again.

Once complete – serve with ranch and enjoy!

*for original version and AWESOME pictures check out Ohbiteit.com*


Another dish that I experimented with this week was something you can’t really go wrong with whether you are gluten free or not… drum roll please:

Cheddar Bacon Chicken!

It was so easy, and SO delicious! I found the recipe of a great blog called Gluten Free in Utah, her site is great and full of wonderful tips! For example I did not even know Glutino carried a type of Pop-Tart, exciting!!

This took barely any prep and I could eat it for days, you will need:

– Chicken breasts

– Cheddar cheese

– Bacon

– Onions and bell peppers

– salt/pepper/garlic powder

1. Cook up the bacon, I cooked up 1/2 a pack for 2 people and 2 chicken breasts

2. Once you have cooked the bacon, remove and let it cool and get crispy

3. Cook up the peppers and onions in the bacon grease, once those are tender put those aside

4. Then cook the chicken breasts in the rest of the bacon fat and juices from the veggies, you can season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and let that cook for a while until chicken is cooked through and tender

5. The in a greased pan lay the chicken down, top with the peppers, onions, bacon, and cheese. Then bake at 350 degrees until everything is melted.

Serve and enjoy!



Well that is all for now! More to come soon about my recent tree top adventure and adventure plans for the fall!

TTFN XOX Gluten Free Prep #GFP


Polka Dots, the new stripes?

When I was growing up, lets say middle school, I LOVED polka dots, I thought they were the cutest thing! However, polka dots were not the most flattering on a girl turning into a lady and just starting to get curves but doesn’t know how to dress them. So needless to say polka dots faded out of my wardrobe slowly but surely as I became more aware of this lack of flattery.

However, a decade later and a little more grown up, polka dots have made it back on the scene. I have reinstated my obsession and slowly but surely acquiring more polka dot pieces. My favorite piece that I have added to my collection is this wonderful button up from Loft. It is just standard black and white but it goes with pretty much everything.


Although I thought I may be alone at first in my re-aquired love for polka dots, I have gotten more compliments on this shirt that many more in my collection.  So thank goodness for this renewed love of the polka dot, and thank goodness that years later I supposedly can pull it off.

So next time! Mix it up, and swap those stripes for the stripes for some spots!


(above photo J. Crew)

That’s all for now! More to come soon about some outdoor adventures and delicious gluten free goodies!

TTFN XOX Gluten Free Prep #GFP

From January through July, my oh my!

Well hello there friends and readers, if I have any of those left at this point. 😉 Hope you all have been achieving great things in your  lives and living exactly as you envision yourself doing so! It has been a while and I do apologize for my long absence; there has been A LOT of things going on…

Let’s take a flashback to my last post in January, “New year, New Everything!” there were three goals in there that I should have been keeping up with as the year of 2013 has progressed.

Goal 1: Get a full time job.

Goal 2: Keep Running.

Goal 3: Keep Blogging.

Well folks, if you count this blog as keep blogging you can count me in for 3/3! When I said there had been a lot of things going on I meant it!

As January progressed, I continued to dredge on in post grad life, searching for a full time job. So many applications, and resumes, and cover letters, I could have gone mad! Luckily, thanks to my roommate and pledge sister, I applied at, what has turned out to be an amazing company!  Wedding and event planning has always been one of my passions and will continue to be, it will always be something I want to pursue later in life; however as someone in need of a full time job and some great work experience you apply to things that you would do well in and hopefully enjoy as well. Luckily I discovered something exactly like that, I got a job at a custom t-shirt company called CustomInk! I started there in February and have been loving it ever since! Essentially I sell t-shirts for a living! It is a great, young, fun company with wonderful, unique individuals who make coming to work enjoyable every single day. And I mean it doesn’t get much more fun than t-shirts!


Since the big step into the real world, I have also moved out on my own as well and moved into my own apartment, I have continue to run, and explore the world of gluten free living.  Although the adult world can be stressful, and at times, monotonous, exciting at others but it is rewarding non the less.

So a lot has been happening, work has been taking up a lot of my time. I am still spending my weekends exploring new places to run and hike. I will have to update everyone soon about my tree top adventures and how I am getting closer and closer to a half marathon all the time. Every mile worth it.


So to continue on with my goals I need to get back into this blog! More to come that is for sure! I have been brainstorming some ideas of some great gluten free goodies to share, there are many adventures, festivals, wine tastings, and races to come. As well as a little bit of this and that in between.

Happy to be back, happy to be blogging. Keep your eye out for more to come from this… GlutenFreePrep. ❤ xox