oh and don’t forget…

oh and don’t forget…

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It’s a perfect day for wellies!

April showers, bring May flowers

It is a rainy start to my almost-post grad life.  Thunder has been rolling though all morning, I am glad that I didn’t go to Foxfield’s but I still wish I was there to see everyone’s outfits! However on this rainy Saturday it is time for an almost last rendezvous with my 5 best friends and pledge sisters in Zeta, Zeta Fiesta Senior Week Kick-off!  If only I have super cute Hunters to sport across town in the rain… #wishlist.

I have always wanted the taller ankle Bean Boots however as a poor college student I had to settle for second best and got the Target version for $30 instead.


Cute and I always get compliments on them but not as cute as these….


and these are the one’s I wish for the most! The cutest of them all…


And I am done wishing for now! Off to a mexican fiesta with my pledge sisters!


xoxo, Glutenfreeprep

Jumping off point

So this is my first post in my soon to be post grad project. Too keep my brain going strong and just blog for fun I can’t wait to post with great gluten free recipes, fun accessories, anything prep, my favorite movies, shows, books and everything else in between!

TTFN can’t wait to get blogging!
Xo xo – glutenfreeprep


Need these!