It’s a perfect day for wellies!

April showers, bring May flowers

It is a rainy start to my almost-post grad life.  Thunder has been rolling though all morning, I am glad that I didn’t go to Foxfield’s but I still wish I was there to see everyone’s outfits! However on this rainy Saturday it is time for an almost last rendezvous with my 5 best friends and pledge sisters in Zeta, Zeta Fiesta Senior Week Kick-off!  If only I have super cute Hunters to sport across town in the rain… #wishlist.

I have always wanted the taller ankle Bean Boots however as a poor college student I had to settle for second best and got the Target version for $30 instead.


Cute and I always get compliments on them but not as cute as these….


and these are the one’s I wish for the most! The cutest of them all…


And I am done wishing for now! Off to a mexican fiesta with my pledge sisters!


xoxo, Glutenfreeprep


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