Back on the Blogging Bandwagon!

I always do this, it is a good thing I do not have any followers, that I know of, and none of which are avid in any sense of the word lol. ANYWAYS. I love the idea of blogging, and thinking of post ideas it just never happens. This needs to change.

May, June, and July have come and gone and August is now upon us.  Summer has been full of job searching, lifeguard and pool drama, and all sorts of different food and exercise endeavors.  I have began swimming at least twice a week, if not three times a week and have reached my goal of swimming a mile! woop whoop! although that is nothing to someone like Michael Phelps, whom we have seen during these summer Olympics in London, is was quite the accomplishment for me.

I am continuing to swim but I need to add more variation to the exercise I am doing. I have began to run, but I have never been a good runner so we will see how long this last.  But I have also been doing Yoga at least 3 or 4 times a week and I have just been loving that.

#EOTD (exercise of the day)

  • Ran/power walked 1.2 miles
  • 40 mins of Yoga
  • Swam 1,000M (20 laps)

#FOTD (Food of the day)

  • Coffee with milk and sugar
  • Apple Cinnamon GF Chex
  • GF PB & Raspberry jelly sandwich
  • Salad with olive oil&balsamic vingerette dressing, crasins, and mandarin oranges
  • a few french fries 😉
  • Asparagus/ Tomato Stir fry (see picture)
  •  Raspberries with a scoop of vanilla and honey drizzle


This recipe is delicious, quick, fresh, and gluten free*! (watch your soy sauce!)*

As far as my love for everything prep that will just have to wait until after my shopping extravaganza tomorrow!

#TTFN xoxo

Gluten Free Prep 🙂


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