Summer reading, optional not assigned.

Since the summer of 2004 I have had a summer assignment looming over my head for an AP class, or a summer course from hell each summer in college. As a recent graduate I have taken advantage of my lack of assignments and complied an entire list of books to read. Summer reading at it’s finest. Don’t get me wrong, I have read books for pleasure over the past 8 years but school work always took precedent.


So thus far this summer I have read Looking for Alaska by John Green, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, Baby Proof and Love the One You are With by Emily Giffin. I’m working on another Emily Giffin novel, Heart of the Matter. Then I will be onto the Chelsea Handler books which are always a laugh.


First book of the summer, I read Looking for Alaska after one of my best friends told me I NEEDED to read it, that it was so great; she was right. Basically its about a boy who leaves a home where he has no friends for a boarding school in Alabama where he has the best and worst times of his life; all while searching for the ‘great perhaps.’  There he meets Alaska. This isn’t your typical high school love story or tragedy but it was a page turner. And I would definitely recommend it.

Next, I read Baby Proof by Emily Giffin, the third of her books that I read; following Something Borrowed and Something Blue, which I LOVED! So I figured I should continue on a good path. Baby Proof was really cute, although a little past my age in terms of what the people are going through having children, but probably not far enough for my liking. Friends around me seem to be getting pregnant and married left and right. Baby Proof is a tale of two meant to be, almost completely ruined because of the stress of having, or not having, a baby. Again cute, and one I recommend along with the rest of Giffin’s novels.

Followed by, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (keep in mind I am currently working as a pool manager, I have plenty of time to read). Safe Haven was a thrilling novel about a Katie, who was actually Erin, who ran away from a bad marriage to North Carolina and falls unexpectedly in love with a man who makes her completely happy. It is really good and also very dramatic, I couldn’t put it down during the last few chapters. And if you love Sparks as I do, you will probably love this summer read as well.

Next I delved into another Griffin novel, Love the One You Are With which was exceptional. This twisted love story kind of put a lot of things into perspective for me, and it had very interesting timing as I was finishing it right around the time in which my boyfriend and I broke up. In this novel main character Ellen has to figure out a complicated love triangle/ what she really wants and needs in life and in her relationship. It is an easy read and is one that gives the reader something to think about deeper than the plot line.

And currently I am working on Giffin’s Heart of the Matter, once I am finished I will updated the masses… if there are any.

Keep reading for some fun ideas to keeping life a little more positive and some yummy gluten free ideas in future posts!

xox TTFN GFP 🙂


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