Real World: 33, Me: 1

As any recent college grad can tell you finding a job is not an easy feat. Heck! I know people two, three years out who have yet to find full time work. Granted in this economy all of us are lucky to be placed at all!! But hard work, persistency, and a little good timing can really pay off. In my head, as I am maneuvering my way through senior year at Longwood, I am thinking finish this thesis, graduate, spend all summer working at the pool, saving money, and applying for real jobs, then by the end of the summer I will have a wonderful job and be able to move out of my parents house and live happily ever after in my new adult life.

That is not exactly how it worked out.  It is still in the works but a little more extended and a little more part time. LUCKILY for me after only 34 applications/resumes sent etc. I got a bite for a part-time Event Coordinator, had two interviews, was offered the position! It really is the perfect position for me and I am so excited to see what opportunities it brings! Although it is only part time it will hopefully develop into a full time position by the new year 🙂 I had my first weekend this past weekend, I am the day of coordinator where I oversee the event and just make sure all is running smoothly.  So after all my hard work it paid off and it will hopefully keep paying off!

This weekend also was well timed with all the back to school deals and commercials and status’. It makes a post grad girl a little sad, especially one who loves school supplies so very much! So as everyone back is headed back to class I am headed to work to in the real world; which still doesn’t seem real!

More later about something not boring promise!

xoxo GFP 🙂


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