{Running shoes, and the Real World}

So as I excitedly proclaimed in my last post, September is my birthday month! Yipee! And as unfortunate as last year’s 16 candles-esque 22nd birthday was, I have set my standards a little lower. Why you ask? Well because unfortunately birthdays aren’t as cool or as important as you get older and that is a sad fact that we all have to come to terms with eventually. Heck, I am working a wedding on my birthday at my new job, but I am going to love that because I love my new job :):). BUT last year is no less of a reason to not LOVE my birthday month because 1. last year was weird, a lot of things have changed for the better since then and; 2. September is always a season of change and new beginnings, usually it is due to the beginning of a new semester, but as a post grad it is the beginning of my new career. Although it does not feel the same sense of a refreshing new start, it is still a new start none the less.

HOWEVER since, I rambled off topic completely there for my intro! Although my birthday is not until the end of the month, between now and the 22nd my Mom and I had 1 day that we could plan to go pick out my birthday running shoes and that was this week. A few weeks too early and these shoes will be well broken in by my birthday, my parents treated me to a proper fitting at The Running Store and a new set of awesome Saucony Omni 11 running shoes. I AM OBSESSED. As a former gymnast, having to stop after a completely reconstructed foot and a torn ACL/Meniscus I never thought I would be able to run without pain in my foot and my knee, but these shoes made all the difference! My endurance is still not up to par but it is definitely getting there now that I can run without wanting to chop my foot off.

So Happy early Birthday to me love my parents, free exercise for the rest of my life, HA!

So it is a beautiful day, I ran two miles am going to Yoga it up after I post and then maybe some swimming before closing up the pool. Forever a lifeguard, can’t wait to be full time as an Event Coordinator! 🙂

TTFN xoxo, GFP #glutenfreeprep 🙂


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