{October brings cool morning runs and Instagram photo challenges}

So I am super excited! (SORRY FOR BEING MIA THE PAST TWO WEEKS! Life has been hectic and there hasn’t really been time for blogging. I am hoping the internet connection is back up at work the next few events and I can blog during my downtime. YAY! :)) ANYWAYS I am super excited because I just signed up for my first 5k! whoop whoop! It is 26 days away and I really think it will be a lot of fun. It is the Three Fox Haunted Hallowine 5k in Delaplane, VA. It involves a vineyard run and a haunted trail! Hopefully a few of my friends will run it with me. I have been trying to run on the days that I don’t work all day long, which is tough on the weekend but it almost makes me look forward to Monday because I finally get to go on a run. Seriously the thought of me saying that 6 months ago is pretty insane.

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to run in Northern VA? I have a few friends who were runners or run for fun but I have only gotten a few ideas. Bull Run Marina, The Battlefields, Prince William Forest, Veterans Park, Leesylvania Park; SO MANY FUN PLACES TO EXPLORE! If only I had an adventure buddy to do all these fun things, it used to be my roomie Emily but we don’t live that close anymore :(.

The most irritating thing to figure out while running that I have encountered is how to carry water with you. So either you actually carry it while you run, or have a sweet fanny pack (NO), or hope your pants have pockets big enough to put a water bottle in and your pants won’t fall down? It’s a problem. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, because with a water bottle I can run so much farther than without. #runningstruggles. I have also been in need of light weight long sleeve breathable shirts they are so comfy and perfect for these fall mornings. Blah RAMBLING! I can’t wait for this vineyard 5k it is going to be SO MUCH FUN :).

And last but not least: SPOILER ALERT! This month I am doing one of those photo a day, Instagram challenges and although it isn’t the one everyone is doing for October (because I thought that one was annoying and lame #sorrynotsorry) I am adapting one I saw from August instead. Look for a post at the end of the month going through my month in photos and a recap about my first 5k!

TTFN, xoxo GFP ❤


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