{Apple Obsession}

I always love apple flavored or scented anything, but fall always intensifies this obsession; leaving me craving hot spiced apples over my vanilla ice cream and burning apple cider candles 🙂 YUM! Today all I wanted was some hot apple cider after timing horse trials all day at my job (Yes, be jealous horse shows and weddings are part of my day to day life), and after a day of being chilled to the bone it was the perfect remedy.

Some of my fall apple favorites are:

Alpine Apple Cider Drink Mix: I discovered this gem in high school and have never encountered a more delicious instant fix to your apple cider cravings. You know in between apple picking and visiting the local pumpkin patch this fall you may need a fix of cider, and this stuff is just perfect!

Bath and Body works Apple Cider Candle: makes any room smell like spiced apple cider

Seneca Crispy Apple Chips: These are seriously the perfect snack, my Dad just recently introduced me to these delicious, and obviously gluten free, apple crisps. And they are cheap! Cheap, sweet, healthy, delicious…. I am really not sure how you can really beat that. We have them at a small grocery chain called Aldie, hopefully they are located somewhere else.

Well short post tonight! Have any more apple suggestions? I would love to hear them 🙂

xoxo TTN GFP


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