{Fall Favorites!}

I always love the change of the season, especially the change from summer into fall; the changes of the leaves and the crisp fall air makes everything seem new.  But fall not only brings a lot of apples :), but brings on the season of cute boots and comfy sweaters! A few of my fall staples are:

An accent of leopard! Just a touch, my favorite are these flats I found for cheap cheap at Charming Charlie! 🙂

Pair these with jeans… khakis… black pants… colored pants… must I go on? I think you get the picture, basically with anything! 🙂 Adds a little flair, and lets face it; leopard is very ‘in’ right now. Or so I gather 😉 On the topic of pants I have been a colored pant fanatic for the past few months, scooping up any pair I can get my hands on! Even if they are supposed to be capri’s.. they usually fit me perfectly as a cute colored cropped pant. #shortgirlprobz, or advantages? However you look at it!

I love love love love my vest, I ordered it 3 years ago, monogram and all ;), and am still completely obsessed! I got a navy one because it goes with almost everything, and I love pairing it with my all-time always obsession, no matter the season!



Those two paired with jeans and a cute pair of boots?! Fall perfection if you ask me! Last but not least, accessories! In addition to those leopard flats, I am always in favor of warm scarves, off tones of purple nail polish, and boots of any color! 🙂 I just love fall! Hmm, I’m sure there is more but at least these are some of the faves! Well! I think that’s it for now! TTFN xoxo 🙂 GFP


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