{Mountain Hikes and Unmarked Trails}

Well since I have been running, I have been exploring different places to run to keep it interesting; this week I decided I was going to go out and run the Manassas Battlefield.  This was a location that many people had recommended to me as a good spot to run so I thought I would check it out. This was a lot easier said than done; what was supposed to be a 1.5 hour run turned into roughly a 3 hour run/hike around the battlefields. Upon my arrival, I ran around aimlessly looking for the entrance to the trail, then once I found it there were many occasions that I had to stop, look around, and really guess which way I was supposed to be going. And finally I ran the same loop twice in a row because of a lack of markers out on the trails. I ended up pretty turned around and lost and the map was of no help; and as much as I don’t like to admit it, I gave up and called my Dad to pick me up from one of the parking lots off the Battlefields. Sad I know. But I was very frustrated and concerned by the lack of markings and how easy it was for me to get lost out on the trail, I’m not saying I am the most avid hiker but I have a relatively good sense of direction so for someone who really gets turned around easy this could have been a nightmare!

On a brighter note I did run like 5 miles out there while being lost in the wilderness and then walked a lot too, all in all I think it totaled out to around 7 miles! Woop thats always a plus.. and there were some pretty views as well.

This week has been a week full of outside adventures, thanks to the oddly warm weather in October 🙂 yesterday a few friends and I hiked up Old Rag Mountain and man am I sore today! We only went about 6 miles but its a mountain, so the first half is all up-hill, and the last bit before we turned around was literally climbing up rocks! I was pretty tired but it was so worth it! The views were spectacular and we didn’t even make it all the way to the summit (we got kind of a late start).  It was so pretty and I would do it again in a heartbeat, I just need some better hiking shoes!

Well more adventure posts to come later, and some gluten-free yummies coming soon!

TTFN xoxo GFP ❤


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