National Capital 5k!

So the first 5k I signed up for ended up getting cancelled because of lack of enrollment; I mean lets get real, the Marine Corp Marathon is going to pull a lot more people than a fun run ;). I will have to sign up next year! I have learned that I need to keep signing up for races in order to keep me motivated! I am thinking of doing my next one on New Years Eve, but we will see! As for this weekend, it was a beautiful weekend for a race, I ran the National Capital 5k for Hydrocephalus with a friend right along West Potomac Park in Washington D.C.

Out of 473 runners I placed 218 coming in at 34 min, 23 sec. not too bad for my first 5k! I can only improve from there and remember not to drink hot chocolate right before a race, HA! The guy who finished first was done in like 17 mins, that is just crazy! I am totally loving running though and am thinking within the next year I want to try and start training for a half marathon, but thats dreamin’ big! Should probably start with some 5-10 milers before a whole 13.1! EEK, run run run people! Makes you feel alive!

Before I die I want to run the Disney Half marathon OR full marathon (DREAM BIG). This would be the coolest thing ever!! I better start training now! 😉 

Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t post for then 😉 Keep checking back for more running, gluten free, and post grad problems!



Where do you see yourself in _______ years?

People always ask me in any type of job interview capacity or sometimes in just daily conversation, ‘where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?’ And really, I never know what to tell them, I don’t really know if that is a bad thing or not but I think; I want to be planning events, (preferably weddings) in some capacity. And I want to be happy, healthy, and financially stable. A relationship or family of some kind would be nice too but everything happens when it is supposed to happen. I recently read an article called, “I Never Imagined Us Growing Old Together” by Dylan Joffe, and it really made me think; sometimes it isn’t about the timing at all, its just a matter of whether that is your path in life at all.  I have had a lot of things change in the last 8 months:

I graduated from college, moved home, job searched like crazy (still am), got out of a relationship that was almost doomed from the start, but then got the perfect first job. Unfortunately am slowly coming to the realization that sometimes growing up means giving up the perfect job that you cant afford to live on and looking for bigger  and better things.   Which is where I am now. Life is kind of up in the air, waiting for my personal universe to show me where to go next. I am waiting for the day when I can finally answer that question where do you see yourself in _____ years?

Post grad problems to the max! More to come about moving to a new place and all the things you may or may not think of yourself!

ttfn! xox GFP ❤