National Capital 5k!

So the first 5k I signed up for ended up getting cancelled because of lack of enrollment; I mean lets get real, the Marine Corp Marathon is going to pull a lot more people than a fun run ;). I will have to sign up next year! I have learned that I need to keep signing up for races in order to keep me motivated! I am thinking of doing my next one on New Years Eve, but we will see! As for this weekend, it was a beautiful weekend for a race, I ran the National Capital 5k for Hydrocephalus with a friend right along West Potomac Park in Washington D.C.

Out of 473 runners I placed 218 coming in at 34 min, 23 sec. not too bad for my first 5k! I can only improve from there and remember not to drink hot chocolate right before a race, HA! The guy who finished first was done in like 17 mins, that is just crazy! I am totally loving running though and am thinking within the next year I want to try and start training for a half marathon, but thats dreamin’ big! Should probably start with some 5-10 milers before a whole 13.1! EEK, run run run people! Makes you feel alive!

Before I die I want to run the Disney Half marathon OR full marathon (DREAM BIG). This would be the coolest thing ever!! I better start training now! 😉 

Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t post for then 😉 Keep checking back for more running, gluten free, and post grad problems!



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