Go Ape!


So back in the beginning of the summer I told my roommate that I would take her to this zip line and ropes course in our area called Go Ape! as her birthday present from me, 3 months later we finally got around to it. This place was awesome! It was exhausting, nerve racking, exhilarating, and awesome! We went to the course located in Rock Creek Park, MD. There were 6 different obstacles ranging from zip wires and Tarzan swings into rope ladders, to crawling through a wooden tunnel and walking a wire, all in the tree tops.




So you get there and you sign your life away, but that is to be expected, swing at your own risk of course. And you go into a quick preview of what you have to do to survive in the trees  taught by great instructors, and you go. You climb up, swing across, balance your way through to the final goal of zip lining through the tree tops.

I was pretty scared for the first course or two, and gained my confidence as the courses progressed. You have to make sure you are all hooked in or else falling to your doom, (I’m probably be a little dramatic but still the idea remains).  All in all it was so much fun and I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a slight fear of heights.

It definitely makes me want to get out and find more ropes courses and things of the like, it was challenging and a great form of exercise while also fueling that adrenaline thrill; Go out there and Go Ape!


TTFN! xox Gluten Free Prep (GFP)


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