One of the best events of the year! The Summer Lilly Pulitzer Sale!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, its one of the best times of years for all of us Lilly lovers out there! Last summer I am really not sure where I was or what I was pre-occupied with but I missed the sale and I was throughly depressed.  I was not going to let that happen again! So this time I was much more on my game and up and ready to shop when the sale started at 8 am!

IMG_4857But as it always happens, the Lilly site crashed! It was a tragic start to my day. I could shop but I wouldn’t be able to add to my cart. Stressful, exciting, saddening. But not to fear the day was eventually saved when I was able to shop at lunchtime. But one dress I had my eye on in the morning had already been completely snapped up before I was able to actually shop but I still scooped up a few very cute finds at an amazing deal!


I got this super cute and super versatile striped dress – the Kaleb Dress I am super excited to sport this in the fall, even with the super springy colors!

Followed by another wonderful dress just itching for spring to start again was the Darcy Dress, perfect if I am ever invited to a tea or to attend the horse races, whenever wherever!

And a very cute top that I am in need of more of, I am an avid shopper for my bottom half – I have a colored shorts and pants addiction – however I need tops to mix and match as well. This Drew top will be the perfect addition to my collection, of small but growing perfect tops for any occasion.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.10.08 PM


Now, all I have to do is wait and wait and WAIT for this wonderful order to be processed and delivered! Love love love everything that I ordered and I can not wait to wear all of it! Keep an eye out for updated on that as well as a post to come introducing a wonderful new addition to my life since I have moved out! Keep reading to find out who!

That’s all for now! Love your gluten free Lilly lover! xoxo Glutenfreeprep #GFP


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