Make mine Virginia Wine!

I am lucky to be located in a state that really offers everything, Virginia has beaches, mountains, farmland, and city you really do have everything. Something else that we have a lot of are vineyards and wineries.  I LOVE wine, my roommate and I are probably addicted to the cheap-o, but pretty good wine from Trader Joe’s.  However, one of my favorite weekend past times is to traps all over this beautiful state to wine taste my way around Virginia.  Please make mine Virginia Wine!

Since last fall I have really been racking up the wine glasses from the different vineyards I have done tastings at. But this summer I have gone on a few great wine tasting weekends! I am no wine expert but I love to drink wine, try wine, and hang out at vineyards, I mean who doesn’t?  I am here to tell you a little about a few of my favorites over the past few months.

We have certainly been blessed to have so many vineyards in the DC/Metro area and thus far I have not really tasted a wine I hated, so that is always a plus!

For my roommates birthday back in May we went to two Wineries in Leesburg, VA. Lost Creek Winery and Hidden Brooke Winery, both were gorgeous and delicious!


Hidden Brooke Winery (above) sitting here on this front porch was such a pretty view!


Lost Creek Vineyard and Winery (above) the terrace outside was precious and their staff was incredible!

A little later in the summer a few friends and I went on a quick adventure to Bull Run Winery out in Manassas, this is a newer Winery but it has really made a name for itself quick! It has amazing wine, especially the blueberry wine, and the atmosphere was fun and intended for you to hang out, and enjoy some wine with friends. Some nights they have live music! This was my second trip to Bull Run and I know I will be back again.

A weekend a little later in my roommate and I went on an adventure out to Delaplane, VA for the annual Strawberry Festival out there and decided wine tasting needed to follow. We headed out to a Vineyard I had heard all about, and nothing but good things, Naked Mountain Vineyard, it was GORGEOUS, set up in the mountain hillsides with scattering of chairs ready for you to take in the view and enjoy some incredible wine, DRINK NAKED!


Then most recently, last weekend, I went with a few pledge sisters on another wine tasting adventure, hitting 3 vineyards in one lovely afternoon!

We started off back in Delaplane VA at another renowned Winery called Barrel Oak Winery, again an extremely fun atmosphere, but this time almost centered around dogs! They love their dogs here and that was evident, although I am primarily a cat lover, I do love all animals and dogs are super cute! This place was fun and partially family oriented.


Then we headed out to Amissville , VA to Grey Ghost Vineyards, although it was a little more mellow, the wine was delicious and I brought home a delicious chardonnay. The view was gorgeous!


And last but certainly not least we headed to Granite Heights Winery, which used to be one of my pledge sisters family’s farm. She grew up there and now it has been converted into a winery! It was very quaint, and the wine was delicious! The old house was gorgeous and the farm as a whole was just a beautiful site to see. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy great wine, while taking in some real life history from someone who had grown up there. And as a bonus, I scored the most INCREDIBLE blueberry cinnamon jam, to die for!


That is a lot of vineyards, however there are a lot more to go! More updates about wine tasting adventures around VA and running trails I have been exploring! xox Glutenfreeprep #GFP


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