If you have to choose 5 things…

In world taken over by online dating and Tinder app’s getting to know someone sometimes revolves around their “About Me” profile. And as sad as that is – it did spark an interesting idea; in a world where you can pass or like in 10 seconds or less, if you had to choose 5 things to tell someone about yourself what 5 things would that be?   Things to really portray a sense of who you are in essentially 5 sentences.

I have mulled over this for a few weeks, you want to make sure it is nothing completely controversial, however sometimes things that are the most important to you are the things that can be the most controversial.  In a day of  140 characters or less how would you describe yourself; what 5 things would you tweet to represent yourself?

So 5 things, in 140 characters or less – to describe me would have to be:

1.  I am an avid runner, I love to be outdoors getting a good run and taking that me time away from the rest of the world

2. I am obsessed with cats, call me a cat lady, but I love those furry little creatures so much. Especially my demon, diva, Dinah. Get over it.

3. I am very close with my family and that is very important to me, how you treat your family is a true reflection of how you treat others

4. I am gluten free, I actually have grown to enjoy it because I have learned to more appreciate good food.

5.  I am very observant, I love to people watch, I am constantly looking around me and taking everything in.

I think to me personally those 5 things are the most important for someone to know about me right off the bat, because if you are lazy, are allergic, to cats, love beer more than life itself, and are completely oblivious then those 5 facts right there would tell you from the get go this was not a match made in speed dating heaven. Although to meet someone as polar opposite as that would be very interesting, with my luck it would probably be the more attractive one of out the bunch.

Well that is just a little food for thought about a word of LIKES and PASSES, and dating app’s what would you tell someone in 140 characters or less to give them a pretty good representation of yourself? It’s weird to think about but also interesting to establish what those core things are for you.

As my wine gave me the knowledge last night, “The naked Truth #32 knowing yourself helps you understand and appreciate others. #thenakedgrape#wineknowledge”

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.48.48 AM


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