{Instagram photo challenge}

So Happy Halloween everyone! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I have to work tonight, maybe celebrating after, who knows? Anyways! This lovely month of October I did the Instagram photo a day challenge, which was as follows:

Day 1: You, now. Here is the best and most recent picture (although not so much at this point ;)) of me and my pledge sister.

Day 2: Picture with you Father, I know I have some with just my Dad but why leave Mama out?

Day 3: Far Away. Visit to Seattle in 10th grade, one of the best trips of my life.

Day 4: In my mailbox.

Day 5: Bright! It’s always a bright day with my pledge sisters on the way the La Parota! ❀

Day 6: Everyday. My planner and my phone are two things I use everyday for everything.

Day 7: Natural, delicious apple crisps, Kind of natural. πŸ˜‰

Day 8: At night. Typical apple cider and Pinterest.

Day 9: Something you do most weekends. Work as a day of event and wedding go to girl! It is wonderful and I absolutely love it!

Day 10: Black and white, me and my friend Paige went and got Blueri froyo!

Day 11: Hero. Shannon Miller was my hero growing up, I idolized her as a gymnast and it was incredible to Β meet her and to have her coach me at IGC. She is still an inspiration today successfully battling cancer.

Day 12: Together. Even if I feel completely alone I know I have you 5! My life. My heart. My home. LO6 lubuil.

Day 13: Table. Cute table settings at the last wedding of the season!

Day 14: Favorite. Dubbie ( 😦 ), Cosmo, Queso, and Alice! (and extra Kiki).

Day 15: First thing you see. It was Dublin my baby kitty but she got snatched up by a terrible woods creature who thought she would be a nice meal πŸ˜₯ so very sad. I miss her.

Day 16: Strange… I couldn’t find anything else. I don’t think this needs an explanation for strange…

Day 17: In my fridge, lotsa stuff, and lotsa stuff I can’t eat.

Day 18: (late again.) Prices! Prices at King Street Coffee with GF mini loaves!

Day 19: Underneath. Underneath this ugly warehouse roof is the largest collection of vintage carriages in the US!

Day 20: Man-made. Keys are man-made, keys to all the cool things at my work.

Day 21: Sometimes. Sometimes I blog πŸ˜‰ #gfp

Day 22: Up. Up the movie, is so cute!

Day 23: Before Bedtime: Netflix

Day 24: 3 Things. Even though today at the Battlefield was pretty awful… here were 3 pretty parts.

Day 25: Frame. cute frame used as an armoire tray!

Day 26: Near. It’s nearly Halloween!

Day 27: Love/ Hate. I hate a love hate relationship with running.

Day 28: A good thing. OMG THESE ARE DELICIOUS! I have been thinking about buying these as long as I have been gluten free but could never bring myself to pay $7 for donuts! Thanks Mom and Dad πŸ˜‰

Day 29: Errand…No errands today! Stuck inside thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Carved a kitty pumpkin instead! πŸ™‚

Day 30: You, Then. Dad and I carving pumpkins just like we did last night!

Day 31: HALLOWEEN! If I were going out tonight I would want to be Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games!

May the Odds be ever in your favor!

Thats all for now! That was such a fun challenge πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I Liked it a lot too because I was able to give some variations to the pictures based on the theme of the day!

TTFN xox. GFP ❀


{Mountain Hikes and Unmarked Trails}

Well since I have been running, I have been exploring different places to run to keep it interesting; this week I decided I was going to go out and run the Manassas Battlefield. Β This was a location that many people had recommended to me as a good spot to run so I thought I would check it out. This was a lot easier said than done; what was supposed to be a 1.5 hour run turned into roughly a 3 hour run/hike around the battlefields. Upon my arrival, I ran around aimlessly looking for the entrance to the trail, then once I found it there were many occasions that I had to stop, look around, and really guess which way I was supposed to be going. And finally I ran the same loop twice in a row because of a lack of markers out on the trails. I ended up pretty turned around and lost and the map was of no help; and as much as I don’t like to admit it, I gave up and called my Dad to pick me up from one of the parking lots off the Battlefields. Sad I know. But I was very frustrated and concerned by the lack of markings and how easy it was for me to get lost out on the trail, I’m not saying I am the most avid hiker but I have a relatively good sense of direction so for someone who really gets turned around easy this could have been a nightmare!

On a brighter note I did run like 5 miles out there while being lost in the wilderness and then walked a lot too, all in all I think it totaled out to around 7 miles! Woop thats always a plus.. and there were some pretty views as well.

This week has been a week full of outside adventures, thanks to the oddly warm weather in October πŸ™‚ yesterday a few friends and I hiked up Old Rag Mountain and man am I sore today! We only went about 6 miles but its a mountain, so the first half is all up-hill, and the last bit before we turned around was literally climbing up rocks! I was pretty tired but it was so worth it! The views were spectacular and we didn’t even make it all the way to the summit (we got kind of a late start). Β It was so pretty and I would do it again in a heartbeat, I just need some better hiking shoes!

Well more adventure posts to come later, and some gluten-free yummies coming soon!

TTFN xoxo GFP ❀

{October brings cool morning runs and Instagram photo challenges}

So I am super excited! (SORRY FOR BEING MIA THE PAST TWO WEEKS! Life has been hectic and there hasn’t really been time for blogging. I am hoping the internet connection is back up at work the next few events and I can blog during my downtime. YAY! :)) ANYWAYS I am super excited because I just signed up for my first 5k! whoop whoop! It is 26 days away and I really think it will be a lot of fun. It is theΒ Three Fox Haunted Hallowine 5k in Delaplane, VA. It involves a vineyard run and a haunted trail! Hopefully a few of my friends will run it with me. I have been trying to run on the days that I don’t work all day long, which is tough on the weekend but it almost makes me look forward to Monday because I finally get to go on a run. Seriously the thought of me saying that 6 months ago is pretty insane.

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to run in Northern VA? I have a few friends who were runners or run for fun but I have only gotten a few ideas. Bull Run Marina, The Battlefields, Prince William Forest, Veterans Park, Leesylvania Park; SO MANY FUN PLACES TO EXPLORE! If only I had an adventure buddy to do all these fun things, it used to be my roomie Emily but we don’t live that close anymore :(.

The most irritating thing to figure out while running that I have encountered is how to carry water with you. So either you actually carry it while you run, or have a sweet fanny pack (NO), or hope your pants have pockets big enough to put a water bottle in and your pants won’t fall down? It’s a problem. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, because with a water bottle I can run so much farther than without. #runningstruggles. I have also been in need of light weight long sleeve breathable shirts they are so comfy and perfect for these fall mornings. Blah RAMBLING! I can’t wait for this vineyard 5k it is going to be SO MUCH FUN :).

And last but not least: SPOILER ALERT! This month I am doing one of those photo a day, Instagram challenges and although it isn’t the one everyone is doing for October (because I thought that one was annoying and lame #sorrynotsorry) I am adapting one I saw from August instead. Look for a post at the end of the month going through my month in photos and a recap about my first 5k!

TTFN, xoxo GFP ❀

{Running shoes, and the Real World}

So as I excitedly proclaimed in my last post, September is my birthday month! Yipee! And as unfortunate as last year’s 16 candles-esque 22nd birthday was, I have set my standards a little lower. Why you ask? Well because unfortunately birthdays aren’t as cool or as important as you get older and that is a sad fact that we all have to come to terms with eventually. Heck, I am working a wedding on my birthday at my new job, but I am going to love that because I love my new job :):). BUT last year is no less of a reason to not LOVE my birthday month because 1. last year was weird, a lot of things have changed for the better since then and; 2. September is always a season of change and new beginnings, usually it is due to the beginning of a new semester, but as a post grad it is the beginning of my new career. Although it does not feel the same sense of a refreshing new start, it is still a new start none the less.

HOWEVER since, I rambled off topic completely there for my intro! Although my birthday is not until the end of the month, between now and the 22nd my Mom and I had 1 day that we could plan to go pick out my birthday running shoes and that was this week. A few weeks too early and these shoes will be well broken in by my birthday, my parents treated me to a proper fitting at The Running Store and a new set of awesome Saucony Omni 11 running shoes. I AM OBSESSED. As a former gymnast, having to stop after a completely reconstructed foot and a torn ACL/Meniscus I never thought I would be able to run without pain in my foot and my knee, but these shoes made all the difference! My endurance is still not up to par but it is definitely getting there now that I can run without wanting to chop my foot off.

So Happy early Birthday to me love my parents, free exercise for the rest of my life, HA!

So it is a beautiful day, I ran two miles am going to Yoga it up after I post and then maybe some swimming before closing up the pool. Forever a lifeguard, can’t wait to be full time as an Event Coordinator! πŸ™‚

TTFN xoxo, GFP #glutenfreeprep πŸ™‚